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Who We Are

Gradus is a team of developers with a whole picture approach to web development. Our fresh, modern apps and websites are created using the Agile/SCRUM development mindset – keeping your project flexible, dynamic, and ever ready to adapt to change.

Gradus skates the edges of international trends, being always at the forefront of what’s new and then going beyond it. We’ve completed successful projects with clients the world over, in Japan, Italy, the US, Hungary, and Russia.

Our designers are ninjas with Ruby on Rails and are also adept and innovative with Sinatra, Angular.js, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Mongo DB.

Efficient, Accurate, On Point

Gradus go beyond the aesthetic; we work toward a bug free, quick running, accurate product. Our goal is to make your site both attractive and intuitive to the user. Every element is planned – nothing is thrown together.

Outside the Box Ideas

With Gradus, you’re not getting a prepackaged template or a one size fits all solution. We work to create the best sites and apps to enrich your business objectives. Our design team spins its experience and vision to create elements that direct users to spaces within your app or site where you want their focus.

Top Notch Support

Gradus is personally invested in the work we create and we care about customer and user experience in a way that off the shelf companies don’t have time for. We are always ready to help with user support, tweaks in design, and any other concerns you may have.

the team

Igor Petrov


Maria Gagarinova

Search Optimization

Olga Moshina

Project Manager

Pavel Borevich


Max Pisarenkov

Sales Manager

Our Work

our services

We rock at development and we also excel in integrated support. Gradus works the future success of your web presence by each of these degrees and more.

Ruby On Rails

Gradus developers use Ruby on Rails to quickly create websites that work behind the scenes in uncomplicated ways that make your user experiences seamless, no matter how large your data load. The advantages of this programming framework are so vast that we started our Ruby Ninja School to teach it!

iOS Apps

Apple is at the top of the heap and Gradus is tops at developing apps for Apple with superstar success.

Android Apps

We move smoothly with changing Android versioning changes, and work well with the open source framework to develop your ideas into working, jank-free apps.

UI Design

The best user interface design recognizes the instincts, motivations, and desires of the user. Gradus developers work with designers to create a UI design that results in responsive user experiences.

10298 Cups of Coffee
183 Projects Delivered
167 Satisfied Clients
9 Countries

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What you can Expect from Gradus

Our integrity is as good as our products. We fix the terms of development from the start, in the contract. We then stick to those terms, never wavering in deadlines or costs. We understand your needs, desired outcomes, and required solutions accurately from the outset.

You receive an excellent site on time with no additional costs for changes.

Our experience spans five years of development and digital services with over 100 realized projects in a myriad of sectors spanning B2B and B2C markets.

Gradus clients can expect experience-focused, attractive apps and sites at competitive rates with quick development and unmatched support.


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